Summer Slim Down 2019

Hi Guys!

I am hosting a fitness accountability challenge group this summer. The first one is for the month of June. Join me in an all-girl group as we help each other to reach our goals!

Visit me on Instagram or leave me a message here on the blog or by using the comment box in the left sidebar for more info!

Design your life!


Get Obsessed!

Hi Guys!
I'm half way through this program and have been getting results since the first few weeks! 
Do you want to join in and get started with 80 Day Obsession...the newest fitness craze by
super trainer Autumn Calabrese! If so, contact me or leave a comment below and I will help you
get started. 

YOUv2 - My week 1 results

Hi Guys!
Just wanted to post my Week 1 results doing this program. I'm loving it!

If you would like to join me in my private group (for women only) just drop

me a message. This workout is low impact and perfect for those just starting out

and/or coming off an injury. I used Beachbody on's like Netflix but

you have ALL of Beachbody's workout programs at your fingertips!

My story this past year: basically coming off an ankle injury last August and

pretty much starting my fitness journey over! Not happy about  that but that's life.

So, I'm here on my journey and if you are wanting to try this program let me know

(I have a free 2 week option you of Beachbody on Demand that you can try out!)

Take care,


My upcoming challenge groups

Hi Guys,
                                         There's still time to join one my challenge groups for the new year!

                                         Drop me a message and I will get you started.


Eating clean!

Hi Guys,
I am running a clean eating group right now and have room for a couple more people!
Send me message (on the left) or at this post if you are interested in joining. It's free!
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Country Heat Challenge Group Sign Ups!

Hi guys! I'm starting up my first test group for those wanting to start Country Heat. If you don't have a coach and want to do this program send me a message! I will have a small accountability group starting soon. It will be an on-going program but you will need to get started this month (August 2016).

*Having me as your coach is free. The only requirement is that you purchase Country Heat through my Beachbody site. And I will be your coach and help you to reach your health & fitness goals! Why am I doing this? Because Beachbody helped me on my fitness journey and I want to help others succeed as well! You can reach me at: roximendoz[at] me to get started!