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YOUv2 - My week 1 results

Hi Guys!
Just wanted to post my Week 1 results doing this program. I'm loving it!

If you would like to join me in my private group (for women only) just drop

me a message. This workout is low impact and perfect for those just starting out

and/or coming off an injury. I used Beachbody on's like Netflix but

you have ALL of Beachbody's workout programs at your fingertips!

My story this past year: basically coming off an ankle injury last August and

pretty much starting my fitness journey over! Not happy about  that but that's life.

So, I'm here on my journey and if you are wanting to try this program let me know

(I have a free 2 week option you of Beachbody on Demand that you can try out!)

Take care,


My upcoming challenge groups

Hi Guys,
                                         There's still time to join one my challenge groups for the new year!

                                         Drop me a message and I will get you started.